Sunday, July 19, 2009

We've been cooking something up.. and it's officially done!

No you big sillies, it's not Roe-punch, although that does sound quite tasty! :D It's the brand spanking new website! Silks of SL has moved to its new location and we're blogging more than ever! We want to add a little something for everyone! We have lots of great things in the works and I can't wait to see each and every one of you there! Now you can even see where we find our skins, hair, and accessories, and you can comment on all the posts! Tell us what you love, tell us what you think! Stop on in at:!

As soon as I get this domain name up we'll officially be! Hopefully soon lol!

Just wanted to let you all know, because we probably won't be updating this site anymore. Out with the old and in with the fab!

Love from the SOSL staff:
Roewan Kline
Amiee Zaks
Evelynn Jacobus
Sienna Belios
Roni Scarmon

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tyranny Penniless Revamped!

And better than ever! The fabrics are shimmering and visually delectable with the bold, in your face colors! I just loved this set when it came out and now that it's updated, it's truly irresistable! You're gonna love the little details like the gold trim, the skull and crossbones, the tulle that works its way in and out of the design! It's on sale right now at Tyranny for L$450! Skin and hair by RedQueen!

Tyranny SLURL

Saturday, July 4, 2009

GoDDeSS Creations Debut!

New to the Silks of Secondlife blog are the creations by the one and only Miss Kendrix Darkstone!

So this being Kendrix's first feature in the blog, I wanna give you a little background about her and her shop, GoDDeSS Creations!   Kendrix puts ALOT of effort into making her creations affordable and accesible for all budgets.  Theres camisks in her store for as little as 25L!  

Straight from Kendrix:
"My group gets just about anything they ask for. I spoil them rotten. We play trivia regularly and I also have MM Boards and dollarbies I set out. I mean daily, not just some times. I keep myself very involved in my group and keep the group itself very active. We are coming up on our 200th member and when we finally hit that number we are throwing a major bash with lots of games and freebies and a dj for anyone interested. We also have a bargains and freebies section in the basement of my shop. There are also job opportunities via my shop, especially modeling"

So!  Ladies (Gentleman?) do be sure to go check it out! PLENTY TO SEE!

Alright, now, I bring you the latest release from GoDDeSS Creations

Passionate Lace!

Sexy, yes?  This is a bit more frilly that GoDDeSS Creations norm.  You'll find alot of tattered camisks and chained silks alongside the panther leathers in the mainstore, but this is a nice change of pace.  When I put it on it reminded me alot of some Indian culture with the pattern in the lace, and I knew that alot of southern desert cultures in Gor are often seen in SL to sample that sort of style.  

Included in Passionate Lace:
1- Lacey Top  
1- Ankle Cuff
1- Ankle Tie
2- Skirts (one long one short)
1- Wrist Tie
1- Bindi Bracelet

click to enlarge :)

ALL FOR 150L!!  Thats right... everything.. 150L.  I peeked around the GoDDeSS creations store and I dare say I didn't spot a single item over 200L.  Trust me, I have a few more of Kendrix's goodies in my inventory, and the rest are just as cute as this one.

Let me tell you too, in the half hour or so it took me to get my photographs done, I was approached by three seperate men asking about what I was wearing, telling me how erotic a garment I had on, even two requests to put my *coughs* non-existant Master out in the cold and replace him with them!  Lets just say this is a real eye catcher!  


Also in this post:
Skin: Dazzle Me- Tone 5 by Tyranny Designs
Hair: Piper II Chocolate by Maitreya
Eyes: Deep Violet (White) by **[Riddle}**
Collar: TurianCollar - 3.201 by OpenCollar

Friday, July 3, 2009

Analise Fashions Lucky Chair July 2009

Lovely newness in the Analise lucky chair! It's white. It's togaish. It's got gold trim.... and a high thighed cut. Don't miss out on this lovely little set aptly named "Greek". :D You're gonna love it!

Analise Fashions SLURL

Haven Designs Suri Camisk!

So the Suri is the sister design to the Nuri! Both fabulous new works by Haven Designs! The same bolero style top but with a sweet empire waist babydoll design and sexy fringed lines! It also comes with matching panty! I loved mixing and matching this with the pieces from the Nuri to create a whole new look! But you can't deny the drawing power of the Suri alone! :D So verah sexy! Is it lingerie? Or is it a camisk? If you can't tell... why should I!? :D Enjoy eight color choices: Pink, Black (pictured), Copper, White, Purple, Emerald, Ruby, and Blue! L$150 per color set or get the line for L$750!

Haven Designs SLURL

BINA (50% OFF!) *NICOLE* Camisk ... from Eve!

Greetings Silks of SL'rs!!  

In SL I go by Evelynn Jacobus, and I'm new to Silks of SL and coming to you with my first entry!  

Little about myself first -- I've been on SL for over 2 years now and spent time in Gor in almost every role, and now out of it can't keep my paws out of the fashion.  I still toss on my silks and wander the gorean stores even if I don't have anywhere to RP the role.  I'm also a proud model for BINA, which is why I thought it fitting to have my first real post (not one where Aimee is lighting my butt on fire! ;) )  featuring a stunning camisk option from the talented BINA Slavewear designer Cymoril Lightfoot.

Without further adieu, I present to you, the 'Nicole' camisk!:

(shown here in *CHERRY*)

For those of you not familiar with BINA, let me explain what has me addicted.  The Nicole camisk shown above comes with:

1- Camisk (Jacket Layer)
2- Thongs (Pant and Underpants layers)
2- Flower Tie Options (in contrasting colors that beautifully showcase the garment, one with flounce, one without)
4-Anklets (beaded in both gold and silver options, unscripted this time, so no bells!)
4-Bangles (same deal as the anklets)
2-SETS of Earrings (sensing a pattern here?)
1-Scripted Wheat Stem (that gives out more to all your friends when touched!)

A fatpack would include the colors below:

plum (no prim attachment) mint (prim w/ flounce) & chocolate (flower prim attachment)

blueberry (flower prim attachement) cherry (prim w/ flounce) & licorice (no prim attachement)

These pictures are just to show some of the options.  Each pack somes with all the above listed options!  Cymoril has said that her clothing comes with 'TOO MANY' options, but if you ask me, thats a great 'problem' to have!  I can't get enough of the Nicole camisk and its mix of lush textures and delicate sculptie work.  You won't see creations like this anywhere else.  

Over the next few days, you can get each color for only 205L!  Fatpack 992L!  (Thats a 50% of sale for 3 days only at BINA!)

Seriously! Don't wait!  Hurry in and pick up a few creations while they are such a great deal! Don't forget to stalk the lucky chairs, camping poles, and hunt around for freebies! (SPECIAL 4th of July Freebie featured a few posts back!)   Also, Cymoril is known (to me at least) for her generosity, join the subscribe-o-matic and you might get some free gifts through there from time to time as well ;)

Also in this post: 
First Pic: Bo by Maitreya (Hairfair Exclusive)
Other Pics: Jenelle by Dernier Cri
Eyes: Folgies:eye_5 by Folgies
Skin: DV Mairmalade-03-Sketchy Teal by Domestic V
Collar: TurianCollar -3.20 by Open Collar

I've got my stripes and now I'm seeing stars!!

And no, it's not cause I got my daily spanking either! It's because Sexensual has released two amazing camisks for the Fourth of July!


ses2ses3ses4 The first pictured here is the American Girl Camisk! The set features a cute bustier top with peek a boo option, adorable little ribbons, mixed and matched American flag patterns, matching panty, and short or full bottom option! L$195 for the set!

The second release is the Confed Camisk! In honor of all those southern gals out there! This set features a gold trimmed one piece haltered cami with the traditional confederate flag design! It comes in both sheer inset and pg versions! L$195 for the set! Don't miss out!

Sexensual SLURL

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Alert! Hot Couple spotted at Bina!

Alert peoples! This hot couple was spotted traipsing around Bina and wowsers! These two are wicked hot and so very finely dressed! artiel Destiny and luz Orsini look completely amazing in their matching attire, him wearing a savage design by Mystic Hope and her dolled up in a classic Arachne Silk! Kudos to this hot couple! :D

Happy Fourth of July from Bina!

These adorable red, white, and blue kirtles/camisks are a sweet Fourth of July freebie from Cymoril Lightfoot at Bina! Sexy fishnet made into an adorable outfit complete with rope belt, pouch, sexy matching leggings, beaded wood star necklace (what a fun twist!), and SPARKLERS!!! It’s a box full of fun guys! Get your own! Aimee, Evelynn, and I couldn’t wait to show them off. A huge thanks to Cymoril Lightfoot for such a thoughtful gift!
No butts were burned in the making of this post… though some came awfully close.


Summer Seale Pawkini Set!

It's gold, it's silver, it's made out of 100% fun. The Pawkini set from Summer Seale is ADORABLE ppl!!!! Sculpty heaven with the pretty paw nipple pads, the sexy claw armbands, bracelets, and anklets, the cutsie paw print on the no-no's and the cute little prim tail! Definitely a slave set, but it totally appeals to mah love for the kittehs! :D And you get a matching bellyring, collar, matching necklace, and a tailless bottom piece!! If you didn't already know... Summer Seale is the place to go for anything sexy, glowly, sparkly, fun, and whimsical! She has tons of amazing items just waiting to be discovered! :D The hair is the Lady Gaga by Deviant Kitties! L$750 for the kini gals! And btw, the set has gold and silver options! Release that inner kitteh!

Summer Seale SLURL